Squad Lead
Joining date
Dec 11, 2018
Relieving date
Aug 31, 2021

About project

I was in IBM GTS labs which just after I left got diverged from parent company IBM as a new standalone one, Kyndryl.
The project I was working on is an AIOps project.
Specifically, AIOps uses big data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities to do the following:
  • Collect and aggregate the huge and ever-increasing volumes of operations data generated by multiple IT infrastructure components, applications, and performance-monitoring tools
  • Intelligently sift ‘signals’ out of the ‘noise’ to identify significant events and patterns related to system performance and availability issues.
  • Diagnose root causes and report them to IT for rapid response and remediation—or, in some cases, automatically resolve these issues without human intervention.

What I did

I was worked on it in two phases. On first phase I worked as AI Solutions and Transformations Engineer and later as a squad lead.

AI Solutions and Transformations Engineer

  • Interacted with multiple teams to gather their product architectures and pain points and broke down complex products into simplified charts for a deep understanding of concerned stakeholders.
  • Picked the technology stack and architecture from multiple similar products to merge them into a robust product with a single pane of truth.
  • Planned many pain points in IT Ops world by using bleeding-edge tools and technologies, and addressed many exciting use-cases by using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.
  • Designed and Proposed multiple transformation options for a unified (real-time + batch) ingestion and analytics framework for high volume batch and real-time data analytics, providing end to end capabilities.
  • Used Apache Spark for both separate data processing and unified data processing by merging real-time and batch data streams together.
  • Prepared the product roadmap along with senior architects.

Tech Stack

  • Programming languages: Python, Scala
  • Databases: MongoDB, IBM DB2, IBM Datastage
  • Tools used: Git, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Apache Nifi, IBM SPSS modeller
  • Other Skills: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

AIOps MultiTenancy/Platform squad lead

  • I was building the Multi-Tenant core AIOps platform for IBM GTS Labs. I was leading a team of 2 mid-level developers, 1 senior developer and 1 QA associate.
  • Implemented Multi-Tenant architecture across different data forms on AIOps Multi-Cloud platform
  • Implemented user authorization in Kibana and integrated with the parent application MCMP for user authentication by OpenID 2.0
  • Got extensive knowledge of Elasticsearch roles, role mapping, authorization and authentication.
  • Implemented a Consumption-based (pay-as-you-go) pricing model for clients, which enabled pay as you go, model.
  • Implemented multiple editions which enabled clients to use different lighter versions as per their use cases before committing fully to the product.

Tech Stack

  • Programming languages: Python, Go, Shell script
  • Fronend knowledge: NodeJS, AngularJS
  • Databases: MongoDB, IBM DB2, Rabbit MQ
  • Tools used: Git, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash


“Soumendra, As one of only two engineers working on the Console Full Scope Search IPF ADP, helped pioneer practical use of ELK in ITC/AIOps. Just a few months after that ELK rapidly grew in prominence and he played a central role in the ELKification of the Data Center Visibility of ITC/AIOps Console. Thank you for all your contributions!”
— Management
“Soumendra, I really appreciate all the work led by him for AIOps 2.0 global release. He has made a difference. Way to go !”
— Management
“Not everyone comes forward whenever their team needs them, but Soumendra has time and again been there for us every time we needed you. Soumendra has my respect and admiration. Thank you for all your support. Cheers..!!”
— Mentee
“I am extremely grateful for your guidance and mentorship throughout and especially during such times. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your support.”
— Mentee
“Soumendra is well versed in AI/ML, Python, React JS, Elastic Search technologies. Key team Player with very good skill on debugging code of other team mates. His documentation skill on git is very helpful for entire team. widely known for his open source contributions.” — Senior Colleague
“Soumendra is very passionate developer with in depth technical skills. His coding standards and problem solving techniques are really amazing. He will be true asset for whichever organization he works for.” — Senior Colleague
Hey Captain Cool, There are two quotes which i relate to you - "Respect is similar to Bournville. You have to earn it" "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward" Working with you has always been rich learning experience, especially the marathon sessions in debugging critical defects. I adore you ability to stay focused and see through debugging process to its logical conclusion. Having witnessed you capabilities i feel your tagline on slack "I solve problems" is truly justified. Thanks much for all the support you have extended. Looking forward to learn more. Cheers!!! — Subordinate
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Rewards and Recognitions

Outstanding Initiative Leadership Award

For leading exemplary initiative(s) resulting in significantly positive impact on GTS business.
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Offering Transformation Leadership Award

For demonstrating exemplary leadership in designing/developing/deploying key offering(s) for IBM clients.
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Additional Info

Want to know more about my IBM journey, you can read from here.