Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services

System Engineer
Joining date
Jun 13, 2012
Relieving date
May 1, 2015

About project

TCS, where I worked for the longest, 3 years. I have worked here on mainly two projects.

What I did

  • Analyze the production issues and take the necessary steps to correct them.
  • Coordinate with the stakeholders, including the onshore team.
  • Study the BRD and HLD to understand the business, technical, and functional requirements.
  • Support the onshore team on month-end production run in real-time (Level-1 support).
  • Designing test plans for UAT, Unit testing, and/or System testing for the components created.
  • Organize and participate in meetings with the team to create the strategy to be followed for the enhancement and develop the optimum plan.
  • Guide and delegate work to my junior associates.
  • Analyzed and documented massive programs and documented their functions with flow charts to decommission a system.
  • Review and verify the documents prepared by the offshore team to send defect-free deliverables to the client.
  • Learned the A, B, C, and D of the IT industry and corporate life.

Tech stack

  • IBM DB2
  • Python


β€œWorking with soumendra was an exciting experience.
He is an excellent team player and very detail-oriented in producing quality results.
Way of understanding the requirements and co-ordination with peers is remarkable.” β€” Colleague
β€œSoumendra was a great guy to work with. He is passionate about work and was a dedicated team member, which made him very dependable. He is a quick learner and grasps the way of working fast. He has consistently delivered quality work on schedule, which resulted in customer delight. He is a great team player and owns leadership qualities. He is continuously pumped and ready to take up additional responsibilities. Asks for feedback and improves a habit.
Wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.” β€” Manager
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Rewards and Recognitions

There were many spot and appreciation awards, but I lost those 😒
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