Volunteer leaders of Odia Language

Volunteer leaders of Odia Language

October 28, 2023
Soumendra Kumar Sahoo
These people (in no particular order) have been volunteering on various dimensions to uplift the Odia language on the ground level.

Dr. Shantipriya Parida

  • Shantipriya has been leading a group of volunteers/interns to:
    • Generate a corpus of the Odia language.
    • Machine Translation
    • Generative Text
    • Generative Audio

Subhashish Panigrahi

  • Subhashish has been one of the Admins of Odia Wikipedia.
  • He has developed many tools and contributed in the following ways:
    • 50,000+ Odia words speech corpus
    • Co-developer of Odia Unicode Converter
    • Co-manager and highest contributor of Odia Common Voice, a voice dataset

Vivekanand Pani

  • Vivekanand has been the co-founder of Reverie Technologies, which developed:
    • Easy Odia typing
    • Content/Web Portal Localization
    • Speech
    • Machine Translation

Krishna Kabi

  • Krishna has been working on the localization of the Odia language.
  • He has led a group of volunteers to localize Telegram in the Odia language and many other Apps.

Subhadarshi Panda

  • Subhadarshi has been developing open-source solutions for the Odia language.
  • He has developed the following for the Odia language:
    • Neural Machine Translation
    • Word Embeddings
    • Language Model

Anurag Behera

  • Anurag is a co-founder of Srujanee, which is a multi-language blog platform.

Jnanaranjan Sahu

  • Jnana has been the Tech lead of Odia Wikipedia.
  • He has developed many tools for the Odia language, like the Odia Unicode Converter.

Sangram Keshari Senapati

  • Sangram is a world record holder for his continuous contributions to Odia Wikipedia.
  • He is also a Co-Founder of Shubhapallaba, an Odia magazine.