Mastering Technical Presentation

Key Takeaways

  1. Do not talk about how hard you have worked on the presentation etc.
  1. Info deck vs. Presentation
    1. Docs take more time for the reader, and the reader remains in control.
    2. In the presentation, the presenter is in control and can emphasize where to focus.
    3. The presentation can be 50% complete and valuable, but the doc should be 100% complete always.
  1. Animation: Movement on a slide
  1. Transition: Movement between slide
    1. Keynote: Transition on the previous slide
    2. Opposite on PPT
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  1. In a Technical presentation, we may need to go back and forth between slides. In that case, Transition is better than Animation.
  1. You should not make slides and think; the presentation should be the last part of the process.
  1. Three main takeaway points.
  1. Use the presenter display.
  1. Takahashi → Rapidly showing words one after another despite slowly revealing a sentence. This is to highlight a specific sentence.
  1. Cave Painting → Zoom in/out of a giant map like a mind map (Presi does this)
  1. Use fewer bullet points at a time → use multiple slides.
  1. Challenging to read → People try to process and have a higher chance to remember.
  1. The company logo and other housekeeping things are only on the first and last slide.
  1. Create a unique personalized, custom-made theme for your presentation.
  1. In the Flow chart, always use undirected arrows to avoid confusion.
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  • Stop trying to conserve slides.
  • Design slides in 50% zoom to avoid ant font/small font.
  • Grey out the fonts which you have completed.
  • More static slides → more boring
    • Try to make some changes every 30 seconds.
  • Borderless white boxing to uncover a large picture one by one
    • Creates more suspense
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  • Intentionally make the slides black by pressing the B key or adding a black slide so that all attention will be on you.
  • Ask the obvious question first and answer it yourself.
  • Having the same level as the audience invites more questions and conversations.
Never paste source code to a text box on a slide
  • Use a screenshot
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