Arvind Pattar

Arvind Pattar

Oct 22, 2022 03:05 PM
Soumendra has immense interest in learning newer things around AI , Contributed significantly on Wipro's HOLMES Cognitive search product, throughout its inception to construction stages and supported the production rollouts . He has handled some of the customer deliveries single handedly , provided the customer demo's , enabling the sales , improved the performance and accuracy of the Cognitive Search. Soumendra also mentored the junior team members & withstood the challenging times to achieve key deliveries along with quality process.
Office Work
The street smartness I learnt from Arvind. He was my manager at
  • No matter how bad a situation may look like you can avoid it, otherwise you can handle it through some hack (Jugaad).
  • The ruthless corporate politics will beat you up, if you do not play smartly. If you want to stay in an institution for long term you have to play politics.
  • If you always put your head down and do your work, you will be ignored and at the mercy of others. After every one is taken their part whatever left (if any) will be given to you. You need to ask.
    • A mother does not feed her child, unless it cry.