Shaleen Tongia

Shaleen Tongia

Jan 17, 2022 12:27 PM
Soumendra is one of the best development engineer I had in my team. He has huge amount of skills to offer. Be it development, research, documentation, mentoring or guiding, he is first in all of them. He is role model for the whole team in so many ways. He guide team to do better coding. He promotes open source contributions. He is first in CSR activities. Soumendra is full of ideas and suggestions. You give him any task, he bring multiples ways of achieve it and also provide new insights in what can be done better. His coding style is among one of the best. His code, documentation for it, unit testing, integration, maintaining git is very methodical. His code was used as example in our project multiple times to demonstrate how it should be. He is super active in CSR activities and do not shy off from taking any type of tasks in that. In Covid times, he helped community in so many different ways, which is very commendable. It was great to have him in the team.
Office Work
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Shaleen was my manager, mentor and still a good friend. Here are few of the learnings from him:
  • Have faith on your subordinates.
  • Give them full autonomy and if they are able to do what's needed, don't bother them with micro management.
  • Praise and promote the good extracurricular activities by them.
  • Maintain their achievements and improvements list. This will help while taking decisions in future. For e.g. when a new project/challenge arises, who is the most suitable person to carry out keeping other trade offs in mind.
  • Stand up for the team. Don't get frustrated if a teammate doesn't show up. Have patience. Cover for them. If the event is important enough, remind them beforehand.
  • If you ask humbly and request the high performers will do it.
  • Appreciate team continuously. You're valued cause of your team only.
  • Do your due diligence. Take ownership. Lead by example.
  • Be a good human first.