Manu Kuchhal

Manu Kuchhal

Jan 17, 2022 12:44 PM
It was a pleasure working with Soumendra. He is a very hard working and sincere. He not only keeps himself up2date with the latest trends in technology but also openly imparts knowledge sharing sessions to his team members and colleagues. Soumendra's ability to quickly scan through a new technology/concept, build a working prototype and do the demonstration is praise-worthy. Soumendra also believes in getting formal recognition for the new skills that he requires, thus has good number of certifications to his credit... Soumendra is a very good team player. He leads by example but doesn't hesitate to help his team members if they get stuck up. Owing to his pleasing personality and cool/calm work-style, Soumendra handles interlocks/exchanges across the teams very well. All of these aspects in Soumendra's personality make him a great Technical Leader. I wish Soumendra Best of Luck!!
Office Work
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Manu was my manager across two organisations,
for a span of around 2.5 years. I have learnt a lot from him. Here are a few of my learnings from him:

Work ethics

  • Don't give up easily. Keep Trying.
  • However, if there are no other options, reach a logical end, quit, justify it and do not waste time on that. Move on.
  • Be careful on every word come out of your mouth, every letter come out of your finger tips while typing.
  • Always try to predict the future and work accordingly. Be proactive. Think like a grandmaster of chess.
  • Always have a plan B in mind. However, don't put much time on that plan.
  • Be truthful to yourself and others. Keep your integrity strictly.
  • Koi bhi work culture perfect nhi hoti use perfect banaana padtaa h. Keep on trying. If you get good trustworthy helpful people around you can make it.
  • Choose your manager wisely not company.
  • You can build an empire just by talking. You just need to know what, when, whom and WHY of your words.


  • Don’t join a meeting, where your values and opinions will not be entertained or will not be of any worth.
  • Always ask for agenda of a call in advance. If joining a meeting, whoever the audience maybe NEVER go unprepared.
  • Don’t speak in a meeting if it does not make any difference to the course of action.
  • Also don't go silent on a factually incorrect statement. Be prepared to provide evidence if asked.
    • The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.
  • Don't ever ever ever make a blank statement.
  • Avoid open ended questions and Answers. Be to the point.

People management

  • If your subordinate does not do it, be ready to do it yourself, keeping them in loop how to do. Therefore, never deliver below your brand quality. If delivering say it upfront and show to them.
  • Remember you are a brand ambassador of yourself and your team.
  • Give credit and proper attribution publicly wherever required.
  • Share your knowledge and grow everyday by getting challenged by your mentees. Believe that there is enough for every one to grow.
  • Praise publicly, criticise privately.
  • Don’t lead a large team with inefficient people. Keep a short and high efficient team. Don't waste your energy keeping track of the people who don't keep faith on you.
    • A small man can cast upon a large shadow. A highly motivated handful of men can launch rocket to mars.
  • Whenever an associate deliver out of his/her duty, praise and recognise it. Never ignore.
  • Protect your subordinates from the front line of fire. Act as a filter. Don't stress them if you get beaten up from up in the ladder.
  • Give few low risk, backup ready chances to a new person to know their skills. You'll get first hand knowledge about that person and can know whom you can trust in the organisation.
  • However, when the stakes are high be prepared to taste betrayal from your most trusted person. Then the plan B comes into picture.
  • Never ever get angry, if you become angry never showcase that to others. Actually never showcase angriness or fearfulness or any negative emotions.