Leadership Principles for Emerging Leaders

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Key Takeaways

Life Story

  1. Understand who you are deep inside, the values, beliefs, and principles you live by. This can be collected by reflecting on the story of life.
  1. Create a life path, especially learning from high and low points.
  1. What are your crucible (most difficult) points that shaped what to do in life?
  1. Life is NOW; rather than thinking about what you can become once you get XYZ role or become XYZ, impact on the one you have now.
  1. It’s hazardous to lead others without finding your true north. The most challenging person you'll ever have to lead is yourself.
    1. External gratification should not be the motivation to lead.

Leading yourself

  1. Find a reflection process in the day to evaluate and find out the crucial tasks.
    1. Do meditation practice: inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7, and exhale for 8 seconds.
    2. Take time for self-inspection every day. (I am doing it weekly.)
  1. Your leadership principles come out of your values like Integrity and truthfulness.
    1. Before taking action, ask yourself, Is it consistent with your values?
  1. Dig deep inside to find what motivates you and find an opportunity in your organization.
  1. Create boundaries in Work and invest in family, friends, communities, and work.
  1. Build a True North group in life; meet with them weekly to discuss what is happening in life.
  1. Without good physical shape, you can not be in mental shape. Do exercise daily.

Lead your people

  1. Work for your subordinates, add value to them, and grow together.
  1. It makes people attracted to you and, together, work towards a more significant cause.
  1. These days, it's vital to go from thinking of yourself as a manager who directs others to being a coach who enables people to reach their full potential. I guarantee you will be a great leader if you can do that.
    1. Care, Organize, Align, Challenge, and Help.

Lead in today

  1. DEI:
    1. Diversity
    2. Equity and
    3. Inclusion
  1. Lead in crisis
    1. Acknowledge it
    2. Bring people and prepare for the long haul.
    3. Be transparent about what you know and what you will do next.
    4. Crisis brings in the opportunity for new leaders.
  1. Be a moral leader.


  1. Find True North
  1. Keep a journal of reflection.
  1. Return to principles and frameworks

Self Analysis

Who am I deep inside?

  • I am adapting to situations if there is a better long term goal in mind.