Experiences of life

Experiences of life

These are interesting experiences life has provided me to take me to my graveyard. One day hopefully I will write these stories in detail.
  1. Fan got fallen in school
  1. School without any window and dog shits on the classroom
  1. Cricket pitch got clean due to a Helicopter
  1. Not sitting on first bench due to chalk dusts
  1. Quarrel with other team on cricket and one of them shits on our pitch
  1. Dropping off from cycle while driving half cycle to pranam teachers
  1. Bringing polythenes for teachers
  1. Teachers occupied ourselves with PT while they left for picnic
  1. When getting late for NCC, the hawaldar came and kicked my butt while I was tieing my shoe lace.
  1. Shitting in rain and going to a pond or river to clean or sometimes with wet leaves
  1. Nonsync parade, back guy stepping on the back of my shoes, sometimes hitting with small wires; got horrible disqualified for being a leader of parade on class 7 then on 9th.
  1. Pant zip was open on class 6/7 still I stood up to become monitor of the class, one of the most daring work.
  1. Sister looking to ice cream seller but not eating; I left play on the middle to give her few rupees to have ice cream.
  1. Asking questions while walking night in Vani bihar, why the moon always stays at the same place when we walk. That guy answers because we will not get scared.
  1. Sitting on the bicycle rod with gamuchha and watching train passing under Vanibihar-Rasulgarh bridge.
  1. Mother sealing plastic packets with dibi for uncle.
  1. Love of stairs.
  1. Hitting all friends on their head.
  1. Getting beaten by elder guys while tied to electric poll and laughing.
  1. Playing with the caps of cold-drinks bottles.
  1. Watching a mother going to jail and while going feeding her crying child a banana one last time.
  1. Cricket ball got bruised on my stomach; everybody scared; me demcaring while bringing ice.
  1. Pissing pointing at the same plant every day and comparing whose plant grows fast.
  1. Pissing while standing on top of a boundary wall and measuring whose got longest trail.
  1. Experiment to open a friends bicycle lock with my bicycle key; the key broke; my son no more innocent
  1. First day of school ; crying hard.
  1. Unable to concentrate on exam due to lust thoughts in class 7, scholarship exams.
  1. Winning second prize in science exhibition.
  1. Friend got drowned in river to save her brother on class 2.
  1. Mid-day meal at school and the broken tubewell.
    1. Sitting while keeping your chappals as carpet
  1. Trolley puller’s son, Chat seller’s son, Salon shopkeeper’s son were my friends.
  1. Applying soil on wound to make it heal ; backfires 2nd time
  1. Rolling a tyre with a stick, hit by a bi-cycle, got senseless
  1. Attending Vande mataram post running practice got senseless 2 times
  1. While both attempting to take a catch my friend hits my stomach with his head; senseless
  1. Flood water coming inside home
  1. Snakes at home now and then
  1. Fire incident on neighbour’s home; Baba falling from ladder
  1. Bat
    1. Using a wood stick as bat
    2. broken bat
    3. sacrificing bat for sister’s doll
  1. Tuition class and Baba Sis going to pick me
  1. Dogs while going in dark
  1. Break fail driving at 2nd lane downhill with Vivek
  1. Getting beaten by the door stopper
  1. Father killing a live chicken/duck to cook
  1. Ram leela, lottery and theatre
  1. Bus journey and vomiting, bus broke down, sleeping on road
  1. Furnitures, Cat falling on top of the sofas, district border issues