No 1 About Project

Cognitive search was an enterprise grade search engine which was developed in Wipro Holmes, the artificial engine horizontal of Wipro Tech.

A new generation of enterprise search solutions that employ AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to ingest, understand, organize, and query digital content from multiple data sources.
source: Forrester

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No 2 What I did

Deployed Cognitive search

  • Deployed Cognitive search across two Clients system.
  • Reduced the search query time to below 100 nanoseconds.
  • Dockerized the entire application.
  • Did Penetration test of the product.
  • Did performance test of the product with locust application.
  • Scanned the code and Cleared the license of the product for commercialization.
  • Implemented third-party SSL certificate using Nginx.
  • Implemented high-availability of the product by using an Nginx reverse proxy load balancer.

No 3 Tech stacks

  • Cache management
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Auto Summarization
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis DB
  • Mongo DB
  • SQLlite
  • PostgreSQL

No 4 Testimonials

“It was a pleasure working with Soumendra. He is a very hard working and sincere. He not only keeps himself up2date with the latest trends in technology but also openly imparts knowledge sharing sessions to his team members and colleagues. Soumendra's ability to quickly scan through a new technology/concept, build a working prototype and do the demonstration is praise-worthy. Soumendra also believes in getting formal recognition for the new skills that he requires, thus has good number of certifications to his credit... Soumendra is a very good team player. He leads by example but doesn't hesitate to help his team members if they get stuck up. Owing to his pleasing personality and cool/calm work-style, Soumendra handles interlocks/exchanges across the teams very well. All of these aspects in Soumendra's personality make him a great Technical Leader. I wish Soumendra Best of Luck!!”

— Manager & Mentor

“Soumendra has worked as part of the my team in Holmes platform in Wipro. He worked diligently. Despite busy schedule he always found time to take additional training for his peers. He actively contributed to different initiatives and solutions in the Holmes platform. Whenever there was need he stretched and ensure the customer commitments are met. He has a calm working and interaction style which will be a definite plus in a team.”

— Manager

“Soumendra is very good at taking ownership of Project activities and completing them till closure. He is a smart and intelligent co worker who is dedicated to his work and also mentoring his team. I can vouch for his Python coding skills and he can definitely do very good work in future projects. He is very very friendly person to be around and extremely gentle and helpful. I definitely recommend him for his future roles.”

— Program manager

“Soumendra has immense interest in learning newer things around AI , Contributed significantly on Wipro's HOLMES Cognitive search product, throughout its inception to construction stages and supported the production rollouts . He has handled some of the customer deliveries single handedly , provided the customer demo's , enabling the sales , improved the performance and accuracy of the Cognitive Search. Soumendra also mentored the junior team members & withstood the challenging times to achieve key deliveries along with quality process.”

— Manager

“I worked with Soumendra in Wipro on the Cognitive Search platform.His NLP prowess, go to attitude and a positive smile made him a great team member. He is a continuous learner and loves to take newer challenges. He was an asset to our team. I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.”

— Program Manager

No 7 More Projects

  • AIOps-Platform Technical lead
  • MTE2O Technical lead